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The Mental Oblivion

Electro Progressive Metal

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Block's Nature

I wanted to do some sort of idealistic witty post, full of metaphores and satirical criticism of religions and mainstream culture.

But truth be told, I'm completely blocked.

And that being the case I present you with lyrics not my own, but a small piece of rhyme that caught my attention at the end of Bill Willingham's Paperback of Fables' "The Mean Seasons", the main subject being change, a cyclical route that represents not only states of mind and emotions, but general stages in our lives that come and go as natural as the sun rises in the morning and sets in the night, which we've decided to musicalize in a semi instrumental tune, where L's just repeats this frase over and over in a vocal line completely out of synch with what we play, which is totally in odd time signatures(thanks to Enrique for that idea) in Lolosky's favorite scale, which would be harmonic D minor(Lolosky's Note: AWESOMEST! ESCALE! EVER!).

Therefore, I give you my "Mean Seasons"

Enrique is a fierce supporter of the "Lets cripple Lolosky" foundation

The Mean Seasons

The cruel hot summer,
led into the long,
hard fall.
Becoming the dark,
killing winter.
Until spring
replenished us all.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

We feel like Menudo

WOW, It's been a long while since I last posted in this blog(or any blog whatsoever); Oblivion took a break for most of the late 2006, so I thought it would be pointless for me to post something here nor in the myspace site(which is horribly empty). So lets see, what can I add? Well, mainly Oblivion was put to sleep due to the whole load of work I had to tend and forced me to travel to Caracas for a long while, then it came december and with the holydays came the drunk stupor we practice every year, so it was kinda dead for us five; then January was entirely dedicated to being hungover and cursing the fates for the lack of funding for more drinking.

Because of this rest, the five of us have indulged into some of our crazy hobbies as well to some side projects (and some serious drinking). So let me show you (and i quote) what each of Oblivion members have been doing these last four months.
  • Jorge: "Well, I've been mostly dedicated to my work in the IT consulting field and have been studying music theory along with Lolosky(we're self teaching ourselves); it's been deadly fun a ride to learn the proper manner of speaking this language, and been able to apply more technique to my compositions because of it. Besides that, I've been performing with a colombian folkloric band where I play bass guitar. I'm boring".
  • Lolosky: "Hey ya fellas! This last year I've been doing some study myself, besides music theory, I've been inmersed in the most devastating culture of them all: comics; it kills your wallet, it rapes your savings, it blasts away every little penny which you're holding to. But as I've dwelled so far into it(almost as low as into my cigarette addiction), I've decided to become a connoiseur of this matter, and I've invested a gazillion of hours of my free time into the study of the world of comics, not only mainstream but also into some indy work. If that wasn't enough, I've decided that I should bear George R.R. Martin's child after reading the first novel of his saga 'A Song Of Ice And Fire' to which I'm currently hooked up, imagine Dune settled in a Lord-Of-The-Rings-esque enviroment, then imagine me orgasming. Nerdism out. My trip to merida keeps getting postponed for fucks knows the cause, so if you're reading this(you know who you are), sorry but you'll have to linger longer"
  • Enrique: "Well, these last four months I've been mostly dedicated to teach myself some italian and japanese(mostly because of porn and Naruto, in that order); besides that I've decided that I should persue some major in political science, but don't hold your breaths for my diploma, it'll take a while before I even start again in college. Drinking and shit is still going as usual, except that now Henry and I are trying to get into as many 'free drinks' parties than usual, leaving us in sitcom style situations of embarassment. I have nothing else to add(I'm the bass player you can't blame for being boring) ".
  • Dissaor: "Three words: Electronic. Satanic. Beats! I got me a new computer and with my drum machine bl337 5k1llz I'm trying to create some electronic disaster that will reverb in the gates of the nine circles of hell! Besides that and writing some killer riffs to use into Oblivion as well as some rythm patterns for some blasting songs. I've been trying to fit in some lyrics but I just don't see them as Oblivion material. Well, that's it, i don't have much to say except that this year i'll conquer the Klingons for sure".
  • LSD: "Read above and see if we're thinking the same thing: Dissaor is just gay(Note Of Dissaor: SHUT UP EMOFAGGOTH!); well, I was kinda depressed due to the lack of music these few months but I still managed to meet some cool new people and have been watching a lot of movies lately, scored me a ladyfriend now and then, and practicing my singing. So I guess it's, as people say, the same ol' song for me. Peace out".
That's it folks. That's what we've been up to these months; now, Oblivion is back, and we're bigger, badder and porner than ever. This year opens its legs for us and we're willing to take the toll and do whatever we please to do, no regrets and no remorse; we'll do what we feel like and when we feel like, we transverse from mathematical technicity to raw agression in our compositions, we'll crey melodies and bethroth harmonies as we see fit. We'll go where our winds tells us and will make no excuses for them. And just to open this tides, I'll post one of our "new" lyrics into the fray.

I'm pretty sure we ripped off a comic somewhere in this post

Gaze Of The Crossing

Follow. Embark.
Not pressure
nor liquid embrace.
Feel the Flow,
grasp the silence,
tender violence
is the mandate
made by words
of decadence.
Oh so intense
woe, is the feeling
in my road.

For creatures
derailed an inch
of sleeping vengeance
in my heart,
stray or wake up
longing truthness,
not more words
for compassion
neither passion.
Trembling needs
rise in my heart.

Three steps in the next direction
to perfection
while the goal
slips my touch.
Better than remorse in silence
is the madness
of free thought.
While innermost contemplations
flee the lead
of parting words.

Now time is a ghost
that scapes
the feeble sense
of fake control.
Leaving it all behind,
I made my mind,
to take this course;
even if consequence
is much more dense
than those for witness
of the bold.
Never can I retract,
neither take back,
the doomed acts
that i've abhored

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

As A Matter Of Fact And Introspection

So very few times I feel like actually explaining what I’ve wrote in my lyrics, much less I actually do it. Normally I give a main idea of what a song is about or the subjects that inspired me to write the words that flow out of my brain; yet with this song is completely different, for I feel such a compelling need to point at them and actually give away the secret meanings that lurk beneath them, the reasoning of the introspection that made them flow. Mostly because I want to ruin that for myself, because I don’t want to dwell on this song and keep my thoughts over the painting images that each read bring back.

But I just can’t do it, so badly I need the secrecy and complicity of the words which I finally found in me last night, as a sole confidant of what perhaps could be some sort of dark epiphany; a bitter, awkward and cruel realization over a few events that only now I can remind and analyze and see the ways and reasons for the flow that things took. So yeah, this song is extremely personal, and in a odd kind of way, but still very introspective.

So although I wont give the factual meanings I’ll try and dissect some statements that I tried to accomplish with this one, still holding unto my secrecy.
  • First I have to say, the music and the lyrics have no actual relation, the music was written trying to give a feeling of deep repression achieved through self censorship, while the lyrics talk about the travels inside one’s mind searching for things that are not meant to and never will come to actually happening.
  • While originally this song was meant to be atmosphere-less, leaving the interpretation open to where the things actually happen, it now has a much more of an “apartment” feeling into it.
  • The main character, or He as I like to call him, could be either mute or unwilling to actually speak, I was never clear if the cause of his inability were physiological or psychological; but He’s unable to speak during the whole period of the song.
  • He is smoking cigarettes when he starts to delve deep into his mind, something I tend to do. Also, He’s smoking because I was smoking while writing the lyrics.
  • He’s not hallucinating, it’s more like a wondering of a “What If”, but He goes too deep with those thoughts slipping away from his “now”
  • He actually tries to cry in the last part of the song, but finds himself unable to. Whether because of a jaded approach to the situation or rather because of his strength of character, is open to interpretation.
  • Finally the song is recursive, whereas what He starts to write at the end of it all, is the song itself; I added that last part mostly because I wanted to give an statement of ownership and autobiographic approach to the small tale, assuring that in some sense I am He.
So that’s it, without further ado, these are the lyrics, hope you like them my hypothetical readers.

I hate poetry

A Ballad For The Speechless

The candid lights
of a dark night shinned
overwhelming the
few troubled minds
that stood awake
creeping souls denied
to stay in the dark
of hazardous paths

And so I watched
less sound I heard
from the dying chirps
of a burning trail
though while I saw
the filled ashtray
memoirs awoke
from a time not come
where bizarre settings
proclaimed the tone
of my strange throne
and joyous colors
painted in robes
of dancing voices
of gold and rose
the merry goblet
that got me drunk

And when I drowned
I looked at them
blurring images
of bitter scent
from the smoking cigarette
heat in my hands
I pulled away
and then I saw
the smoke behind
of my already troubled mind
for which I sighed
no sound cometh
I tried to weep
a vain attempt
So tired I sat
And grabbed the last
of my deep smoking vice
and in the middle
of a mute cry
I drew my pen
started to write

Monday, August 14, 2006

Incoming Voiceless Transmission

Sorry for the lack of updates as of late, but life has been keeping me busy. For as much as I love my DBA job, it's a pain in the damn ass with the conflicting schedules of my band life. We haven't rehearsed in a couple of weeks(mostly because of me) but things should get smoother this week, as we're already planing a writing session for tomorrow(i hope this one does happen).

As for the lyrics, well, I've been quite active as a writer but nothing Oblivion related. I've been helping a few relatives of mine who are starting a band of colombian folklore and I'm doing their lyrics and the bass lines, go figure.

I started writing an accoustic piece last night which it's called "A Ballad For The Speechless", it's an accoustic piece(yeah, i've been doing a few of those lately) which main theme is the things that one craves to say yet can't bring forth to words. I wrote the two guitars last night, in one sit (awesomeness!!!); and even though I thought of the lyrics to it last night while going to sleep, I woke up this morning unable to recall neither the lyrics nor the vocal lines. Go me.

Alas I also been writing music to a couple of William Blake's poems(yeah, i'm so Ulver). I've been particularly drawn unto The Tyger and The Sick Rose (that name could have been a 69 Eyes song =P). With the first, I'm trying to write something really Prog/Death Metal-ish, with a lot of counter attacks between the two guitars(something I can't properly write without Lolosky's involvement), while the Bass lines and the drum work try to hack their middle ground between them. As this was L's idea, he showed me his vocal lines for the song even before I would grab my guitar, and for the first time in all the time we've been hanging together i can finally say, his clean vocals sound almost as good as his growls; moreso in The Sick Rose where he does this really minimalistic soft vocals that actually suit his rasp-high-key vocals very well. I'm looking forward to actually rehearsing this damn thing properly.

So I'll leave you with the lyrics of The Tyger, as written by William Blake

Swedenborg was my biatch

The Tyger

Tyger! Tyger! burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

In what distant deeps or skies
Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
On what wings dare he aspire?
What the hand dare seize the fire?

And what shoulder, & what art,
Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
And when thy heart began to beat,
What dread hand? & what dread feet?

What the hammer? what the chain?
In what furnace was thy brain?
What the anvil? what dread grasp
Dare its deadly terrors clasp?

When the stars threw down their spears
And water'd heaven with their tears,
Did he smile his work to see?
Did he who made the Lamb make thee?

Tyger! Tyger! burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Well, I guess we did it

A few weeks ago, I started to examinate this "thing" which is constantly referred as attraction, I've felt it several(a thrizzillion) of times in my life, but it has always left me to wonder, why do I feel so stranged and scared of the mere thought of feeling attracted to someone? what's the whole point of getting nervous and try to think ahead of what's to happen, the whole mind game of what ifs and what nots that come with the whole tribulations of one's mind in the moment you feel attracted to someone else.

So I decided to talk about it to L's and Lolosky, the first being the king of faggothyland and the other being the jester of booty camp, and thus the whole conversation went through and neither of us could peer into the real deal, the cause of the whole dillemma, a solution to the question of why. It left us in a blank state for sure, and kinda feeling dumb, cause we had talked the whole night as teenie girls speaking of postpubecents crushes.

So as L's pointed out: "... i guess it's not a matter of knowing as understanding, but more like, knowing as living it". He'd be a genious, if only he wasn't so emo.

Emo kids, you suck


Take grip
and search a way out,
dillusion of eyes
that catch themselves on,
clear your throat
suppres the fog
turn right or left
but try to escape
from this lurking web

Approach on a different
level and lie
but find your way
of comission and reason
to stop looking for the way
of a meaningful scent

Control the knees
nor fall between,
this ritual ghost
moves far too slow,
regain control
of your blabbering words
move on
and continue

No stop
just thrust your guts
and take out
the burning repression
that turned to agression
delay the from
of inevitable hold

Is it worth a new life filled of changes?
but fill the void with a filthy touch
that crack upon the devilish spots
and pollution of meaningless words
Can or can't I?

Strong pulse beats, drunk with
thoughtful hyperventilating resets,
to a state where nothing mattered
not even cared.

Grown stated naivete.

Monday, July 03, 2006

A funny thing...

With life is that it never goes the way you thought it would, no matter where your predictions go, chances are that even if you're accurate in a 99% of them, that little 1% is going to change the whole perception of what we thought was ahead without any doubt.
It's as easy as the fact that we drift, each and everyone of us drifts in a sea of madness, this sea is some sort of collective presence that is pivotal in our society and that only deepens on it's own insanity. We may try to attack its current, and fight with a self-righteous self of control, but truth be told, we don't have any form or any of controlling what spins around us, much we can do is adapt to the tides thrown at us and see how we can survive in this continuous flow of events that we call time.
But it's even more funny to watch these semi-sentient beings that spend all of their days making plans and arguing among themselves over the decisions that ought to be the most natural of their tracks, just because the whole sense of "discussion", endows them with an artificial form of power over every event, merely because they can discuss it and simulate to understand what just happened.

Silly rabbit. Trix are for kids

Parasite Tought

We all drift
in a sea
made of madness
That deepens on
insanity and
Our feeble wills
from one place
sail to the
So let's debate
but never create
the sense of control
and of

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Metal Oblivion starts here

Or someplace else, I actually have no idea, except for the fact that as of today 28/06/06, in the city of Maracaibo the band Oblivion has oficially born. For some time now I've been joining forces with some weird ass musicians with whom, and through some very strange jam sessions, have agreed to join me in this barricade of musical progression that I decided to embark someway along the spring of last year: to create music that pleases my ears and nobody else's, that is the main goal. This rabid pack of souls have been joining my rehearsal and compossing sessions progressively, and as of right now in the middle of a maelstrom of ideas and lyrics we've assembled a few of our pieces together, some of them in sound, some of them completely soundless; but nonetheless pleasing.

So what kind of music does Oblivion do? although pretentious, I like to call the music I write as avantgarde, not because it hasn't been done before(I am a very influenced person), nor because I experiment with derivation of sounds, which I actually like very much; the real reason I label my project as avantgarde it's because I don't have other way to call it, soft rock, progressive, heavy, black, gothic, death, gore, grind, techno and electro; everything is in here and not in an isolated way, although neither in a mixed form. I just display what kind of music I feel like playing and that's it.

And what does Oblivion talks about? simply put, whatever I feel like talking no theme in specific; ranging from depravation of bloodlust to deep repression of emotions to the overload of a sentiment to the happiness in a new toy and everything in between that I feel like talking about.

And who are these bizarre set of musicians who are part of Oblivion? well, the current lineup consist of the following members:
  • Jorge: this is me =P, I play lead and rythm guitars and do some programming too, also I'm the main lyrics writer and I write the music base for every song so far
  • Dissaor: this horsefucker was the one with the whole "band" idea(before it was just a solo project), he plays the drums, does most of the programming and has also contributed with some lyrics. He insists that we should play only black metal or grindcore
  • Lolosky: he's the outspoken one of us all, also the main alcohol consumer; he is the cool cat with a great ability to axe a guitar in half, literally. He plays lead and rythm guitar along with me.
  • Enrique the 9th: Enrique is a weird fellow, he thinks he's british but he's as venezuelan as an arepa; he plays the bass or so he says.
  • L.S.D. (Least Social Disaster): A.K.A. L, our beloved singer who constantly tries to do something akin to singing, although his clean vocals are horrid at best, he can sprout some insane growls and unnatural screeches that I find somewhat inspiring. Although he can't admit it, he's as faggoth as it gets.

So that's us, Oblivion, I'll post some of the progress we do with our music making when I can get a hold of my lyrics(I left them home and am currently at work).

So I guess I'll see you later blogverse*

*=the word blogverse should be elimated from the memory of mankind, along with webcest

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